Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Laces On Your Dress

Gabriella Audrey is one cool blogger. When i was thinking of an interview, then her blog,"Laces On My Dress" was the first which came to my mind. And i was glad because she's very nice and friendly. Her style is simple but she manages those clothes on her to be very good-looking. Well here's the interview!

1. Let's go for the very basic question,how do you start blogging?
I started blogging around one year ago. At first, I made a blog just for fun and shared my photo results to my blog because at that time I was crazy about photography. Then after seeing there's a lot of people having a fashion blog, so I decided to make it out into a fashion blog and shares my outfit there.

2. Describe your style in 3 words!
Chic, simple, and wearable. Actually sometimes I dress up too girly or vintage look or whatever I want, but still, it must be simple because I don't like to wear accessories. Strange me, huh? :p

3. Tell me more about yourself (your personality)
Hm, I'm an eleventh grade student at Dian Harapan Senior School. I'm going seventeen next April and I love dressing up, vintage, laces, pretty things and another else which is lovely. I wish one day I can have my own boutique :)

4. Who's your major fashion icon?
Alexa Chung! Why? Because she loves to wear simple and vintage outfit with less accessories, just like what I love. And it looks like she's perfect wearing any kind of clothes.

5. What do you think about shopaholic? Are you one of them?
I think shopaholic is a natural thing for every person. Who didn't love to shop anyway? We may shop but at least don't make it like Rebecca Bloomwood from the movie 'Confession Of A Shopaholic'. Lol. And for me, yes I'm a shopaholic but I shop only when I get really in love with the thing I found, because if I didn't really like a thing, I'll rarely wear it. We must do shopping, but remember our parents' money, cause we still can't make our own money.

6.Your interests besides fashion?
I love photography, cooking and entrepreneurship. When I grow up, I would really love to have my own boutique, or maybe a pastry shop.

7. Tell me, what do you think about Indonesian fashion industry nowadays?
Indonesian fashion industry is going better and they made fabulous things. The only thing that should be increased their advertisement and offer more to public.

8. what do you prefer? being stylish or fashionable and why?
Stylish. Because if we're stylish, we can easily become a fashionable person. Being fashionable is following the latest trend and being stylish is how to deal with it.

image courtesy of Laces On My Dress.