Wednesday, 29 July 2009

no i'm young,,, 90

read this conv between me and someone i didn't know.LMAO

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
You: momm?
Stranger: dad?
You: sister?????? is it you???
Stranger: are u there brother? omg i waited you for so long
You: Ohhhhh myyy.. how are you????
Stranger: iiiiiim fiiiiiine. btw our dog died. well..what abt u?
You: i'm not soooo goodddddd
Stranger: why?
You: you know my frogs died too
Stranger: really?
Stranger: i will cry
You: so sad
Stranger: yeahhh
Stranger: and oh.. i almost forgot. our grandma died too..
Stranger: but whatever
You: ooooowww :(
You: what a pity
Stranger: uh its nothing
Stranger: we all die and the end
You: yess
You: i knowww
You: btw brother how old are you now
You: long time no see
Stranger: brother? did you forgot you have a sister? i see... your memory gone bad after the war
You: oh yeaahh
You: sorry
You: sister how old are ya?
Stranger: dont u remeber? i thin you should know that
Stranger: think*
You: oh i knowwww
You: you're 80!!!!
You: is it?
You: yes!
Stranger: a little bit older
Stranger: 89 actually
You: wow
You: i did forget
Stranger: oh my
Stranger: and how old are you brother/sister? i cant remember.
You: ooh you forgot too
You: your memory is getting worse
Stranger: yup. my memory is going bad with the years
You: i'm still very younggg
You: i'm 90
Stranger: its your time now. you should get a girlfriend
You: OH SIS, it's too bad but i have to go
You: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
You: gonna miss you
You have disconnected.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Quote made my day

if you can't get someone of your head,
maybe they're supposed to be there.

it all comes to me

i just want to say hi, that's all \giggles/

Friday, 24 July 2009

Sunday, 19 July 2009

dont be scared of what you're wishing for

what i got from pasar atom :D i'm soooo h-a-p-p-y. they're all only about 50.000 rupiahs aha aaa

beeeeest buy! haha

Thursday, 16 July 2009

meet my friends today at puri mall. me and wulan watched transformers and we met marlin, jennie and their friends. also meet yasa and his friends. wow there's my roses friends too. btw puri wasn't very crowded. there's still a space for us to queue for the first time the cinema was opened :p

long tank: my sister's ; ripped legging: diy; antique bag: malioboro ; black cardigan: unbranded

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

harder faster stronger

i'm not feeling good right now, first, when i was at school, i was told by pak maksum that we(9th grade students) have to be careful. because we have to choose the right school and yeaaa, pak maksum was freaking me out. btw i have choose 4 schools, HAHA. they are: Sang Timur, St.Tereshia, Tarakanita 1, and the last is recis. which one is the best?
second, my boyfriend is soooo terrible. i can't help.
soooo yeaa i hope i can fix those problems soon :(

Sunday, 12 July 2009

i really am shocked

cant believe this!
hybrid sneakers by Kim Kiroic, no heels, no toee, wowwww *gasp. it's something like tennis shoes and sandalsss. woes

images by:trendhunter
it's almost done, but not done yet.

btw, profile views at your blogger profile shouldn't be lying. it's just approximate.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

i'm up

i just wanna post something random in my blog. perhaps it's not something important but, yeah i dont know what to do in my last day of holiday.

#i like person who talk spontaneously. but somehow if she/he talks something that hurts other, like mocking or something, it's not cool :( and if you're popular or something, that doesn't make you have to be like that.

#believe me, i have no offense. everything that i wrote or something, it's just came up from my mind. so if you're angry or something, so sorry, blame my mind :p

#i'm weird. i'm truly a coward. and just happy outside, sometimes.

#some people like the way i talk, but some don't. pro and cont :D

#i really like to eat. but sometimes if i see something i like to eat, my stomach just starts to scream "ENOUGH GREEDOO"

#i kinda shamed to write this but.. everytime i write here. there's just something that i translate in online dictionary :p because i'm not so good in english. ngomong aja suka keseleo beh

#i love shopping, especially clothes and unique stuffs. shoes? not really. i'm wondering why everybody loves shoes that much

#about style, i love vintage. but i also love some random street style.

#when i was a kid, i love to design some clothes. even i have my imaginary clothing line. oops :p if you dont believe this, it's okay. because i'm weird

#i love fashion, and i love photography. so i wanna be a fashion photographer. but i also wanna be a fashion assistant.. which one?

#i love to scrap my nails. as some of you already knew. when someone said "if you like to scrap your nails, you're not a confident type of person. well i guess it's true

#do aliens exist?

#i love to read some myths. haha

#ngg, i'm scared of ghosts and lizards. yuqk

#i love my childhood.

#i love to travel. but the best vacation was when i went to Australia. though the city was soooo cleann and soo tidy. i really wanna go there sometimes.

#when i scream and mad, my tears will run down :p so i prefer to keep silent.but that's not the point to see me like a coward. i'm coward in my own way

#i really heart wearing the same items everyday. comfy thus cool :DD

#i'm adoring peaches gedolf and cory kennedy. i smell edginess bahaha

#i believe satans do exist. but i dont want to believe in them, trust God all the way

#my mom should be more openminded. that's what i dont like about my mom. she's too.. fanatic.

#THIS IS IMPORTANT, i believe in sixth sense
okaay that's all. ciao peopleee <3

something short

you might know that i want to make something short.what is it? yay! it's cropped tee. but i think it's too simple so i wanna put some shred on it. wish me lucck, you know i'm an amateur. but i really blanked. fufufu

short tripsay

hello buddies i'm back. missing this blog for real. and now i'm going to start school in.......2 days. gee i havent buy any books yet.anyway wish me luck ya, you know school is hard, or i'm too lazy? hahaha
by the way these are some photos we take in yogya, semarang, and bandung. at bandung there's a jacket which i wanted for a long time but... from now i have to save my money to buy it :D

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

enjoyed some sushi with my lovely sister and my best friend, i'm feeling much more better than yesterday :)

finally the acid wash has finished. whatcha think? :D


sister :D